The Singing Butler

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano is one of the finest British paintings of the 20th century

The Singing Butler is a popular Jack Vettriano oil painting which many love to buy for their homes as reproductions in the form of giclee art prints, framed or unframed reproductions, posters and stretched canvases. provides great detail on this original Jack Vettriano work and also provides resources for checking out other great prints from the portfolio of Jack Vettriano.

The original sold for £744,800 in 2004 but you can buy art print reproductions below at cheap prices from the gallery.

The Singing Butler remains the most famous oil painting by Jack Vettriano from a career which has already produced many notable works.

It achieved a record price for a Scottish painting at auction and is also a very common choice for customers looking to add copies of the world's best art to their own homes as accurate reproductions.

The style of The Singing Butler is truly classic and this means that it normally is best suited as a framed art print which helps to match up to the qualities of the painting itself and the colours used within it.

The Singing Butler came in 1992 by this extraordinary self-taught Scottish contemporary artist who has built up a huge reputation and following, predominantly in the UK and United States. The Singing Butler came in the same year as A Voyage Of Discovery which were followed in later years by the likes of Along Came a Spider, Dance Me To The End Of Love and So to Bed.

£744,800 was the incredible price reached by the original The Singing Butler painting when put up for auction at Sotheby's in spring 2004. The previous record for a Vettriano painting at that time had been £90,000 for embraced but it was around this time that interest in this artist started to explode with phone bidders from around the world vying for his best art.

Jack Vettriano was born Jack Hoggan and is still relatively young for an artist which means The Singing Butler could end up as just one of several hugely famous works because this painter clearly has many years of impressive output available to him.

In the UK, Vettriano is the most popular artist for print reproductions and even ranks ahead of the likes of Monet and Matisse. His success also stretches to North America too. One great moment in his career so far was his receipt of his OBE. Most artists struggle with public approval during their life but Vettriano has achieved this already, and at a relatively young age for an artist.

Jack Vettriano is an interesting artist who has found it easier to attract respect from the mainstream art public than from the art academics. Indeed his fame and OBE came entirely from the public and their love for the works of Vettriano thanks to his charming paintings like The Singing Butler and the others listed in this page.

The Singing Butler Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano is still to be fully recognised by national galleries across England and as such is still a predominantly an artist driven on by the mainstream art following which continues to grow. Many of these followers of Vettriano are relatively young meaning he has an impressive online following too, making his exhibitions viral and at the same time still covering other age groups with his classic style that remains consistent in all of his paintings up to now.

Whilst the options on how you can enjoy The Singing Butler from art prints to mugs or embroidery patterns continue to expand, the demand is there to match it. For several years the UK have chosen this painting first above all others, which is a fantastic achievement for an artist who is self-taught and very modest in character.

Orla Brady is depicted in this painting and was featured again in Dancer in Emerald which followed after the great success of The Singing Butler. Orla Brady herself has achieved some fame thanks to her involvement in this painting, and she actually modelled the role of the maid on the left as well. Jack Vettriano used several models that became his favoured choices with his scenes being very carefully planned by the artist to ensure his prints were truly the best that they could be.

The profile of Vettriano has never been higher, with regular charity portraits and auctions of his works reaching high levels of interest. It is encouraging to see a living artist doing so well, in a similar way to David Hockney, the British pop artist.

The Singing Butler is without doubt the best known painting by Vettriano and he is an artist who attracts great attention on the internet thanks to how his style appeals to the young as well as the old.

Famous Paintings by Jack Vettriano

Besides The Singing Butler, Vettriano is a prolific, hard working artist whose other notable paintings up to now include the likes of those below.

  • And So to Bed
  • Bad Boy, Good Girl
  • Suddenly One Summer
  • Dance Me To The End Of Love
  • After The Thrill Is Gone
  • Queen of Diamonds II
  • Dance Me to the End of Love
  • The Billy Boys
  • The Missing Man II
  • In Thoughts of You
  • The Picnic Party II
  • Mad Dogs
  • Contemplation of Betrayal
  • Dancer in Emerald
  • Summer Days
  • Waltzers
  • Exit Eden
  • His Favourite Girl
  • Night in the City
  • Pincer Movement
  • Her Secret Life
  • Just Another Day
  • Blades
  • The Temptress
  • On Parade
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Bluebird at Bonneville
  • Birth of a Dream
  • The Pier
  • Long Time Gone
  • Blades II
  • On Parade
  • Beautiful Dreamer